Attention ça déborde !

Attention ça déborde

If you are lucky enough to own several mac or iPhone, iPad and other Apple “devices”, you could one day have a nasty surprise.

For example, if you have a very large photo library on an iMac and you have iCloud, you have to choose to upload it to iCloud. Be careful on your other machines to fine tune the Photos settings on iCloud so that you do not Suffering from icloudial flooding …

Your iMac has a 490 giga library … ok it goes up on the Cloud (you have taken a monthly plan for it)
If your macbook has only a 500 GB hard drive (system included) and You have checked iCloud Photo Library in the iCloud settings of this macbook …. the library initialized on the iMac, uploaded on iCloud, will go down on your Macbook ….. and block everything because there is not enough space!
The Macbook will not be able to boot!

The solution:
If this ever happens to you, if you have an external hard drive on which with Superduper you have copied the internal disk of your macbook, then you will have the possibility to start on this clone and to look at what Happens and correct on the internal disk of the macbook.

You can also choose to reinstall Mac OS cleanly on your Macbook.

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