Flash est mort, il est temps de passer à autre chose !

Flash est mort, il est temps de passer à autre chose !

When a website asks you to activate a Flash Player module, do not do it and never update this well-known Adobe plugin.

Do not believe the other sites that will tell you to always update Flash, it is a bottomless pit too dangerous !!

Indeed this plugin (extension of the system) makes it possible to read videos written in this language Flash, put that begins to date (1996) and more and more sites use for example formats less gourmand and more secure like for example the format HTML5 in replacement: YouTube is the perfect example.

Flash is bugged to death and it is must be continually updated to fill security vulnerabilities, many malware’s front door, spy programs that disrupt your user experience on the Mac.

As a result, do not install it on your Mac, it should not be visible in the Mac System Preferences (bottom left), and if it is still there, uninstall Flash Player by going to the Mac site, Adobe download a program specifically designed for this purpose:

Uninstall Flash Plyer on your Mac

And if …. you really want to play Flash Player videos, for a few more months, Google Chrome allows you to see these videos, but the plugin is suspended.

To switch from Safari to Google Chrome, go to Safari Preferences and on the last tab select the “Enable Development menu” check box.

When on Safari a page will ask you Flash, make Menu Development then Open the page with …. and choose Google Chrome.

And there the entire page will appear on Chrome.

NB: this is not a reason in my opinion to abandon safari and make Chrome your default browser, indeed Chrome is more sensitive to malware and more questionable when respecting your privacy (pub) ‘Is Safari, plus it does not benefit from integration with other Apple applications, including keychain passwords and iCloud.

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