Un Adobe peut en cacher un autre …

Un Adobe peut en cacher un autre

The PDF format is well known for its practicality and maturity, it allows to use it on a document, to be able to be certain that the correspondent can read the document that it is on mac or Pc or on an iPhone or some Other tablet or smartphone.

This is fine, but do not believe, contrary to what is often read, that you can not edit a document in PDF format, it is absolutely false, anyone can do it with or without tools, And on Mac it’s a snap with the preview application yes it allows to modify a PDF file by affixing layers (like post-its) on the zones to be changed or hide, this application also allows to affix quickly A signature at the bottom of the document before sending it back by mail, which avoids printing, signing and scanning again … big time-saving!

And so …. no need to have on your mac of Adobe Reader, the program that allows PC windows to read the PDF, the solution on Mac is Preview, no need to download Adobe Reader, even if all the sites Internet tell you to do it because it’s because they know nothing about the Mac world … and nothing else, so just use Preview and learn how to use it to easily manage PDF and images.

And hop a less Adobe …

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