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Assistance Apple domicile Geneva Lausanne: The company Hautecoeur Dreams (AUCOEURDUMAC) offers you professional assistance, 24-hour support, training, troubleshooting and courses Apple (Mac, iPhone and iPad) all over French-speaking Switzerland, at home or in an coworking area near you and all over the world via a hotline with the Messages application for example.

,It's just better for anything: not only for courses, but also to troubleshoot your machine, install a new system or new software, we are there.

We intervene by appointment from Geneva to Nyon, Rolle, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey or Montreux via the whole of the north of Vaud. We go as far as the north of Lake Neuchatel and even as far as Payerne, Moudon, Fribourg, Ollon, Leysin if necessary. 

We could like others offer you courses in London, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille or Beijing, but we teach 95% of our courses in Switzerland and we do it well.

We are at your service 7/7 wherever French is spoken, in tele-assistance or at home in Switzerland and neighbouring France only by appointment at +41.78.769.69.15 and to exceptional prices !

Mac training just better
Mac training just better
No Virus neither on your home nor on your Mac !

The interventions at home are given by a vaccinated teacher wearing a FFP2 mask to protect you.

Mac OS bugs tips

Apple Mac Training Courses tailored to your level and needs

AUCOEURDUMAC is simply better learning how to use your Mac and having more fun doing it every day.

Take the time to get to know your Mac, iPhone and iPad, so you can enjoy them better.

Learn Mac

You enjoy it better

Indeed, even intuitive, the Mac has a different logic from the PC, which must be understood in order to get the best out of it. the logics are then transferable to this or that application, but you still need to know them, which requires a few hours of effort! The Aucoeurdumac courses are perfect: Apple Assistance at home Geneva Lausanne

Understand Apple

To gain efficiency

MacOs and IOS are meant to work together or separately, but if you understand the logic behind them via, for example, the ecosystem iCloudyou will be able to do more and you will be more able to reach your private and professional goals with Aucoeurdumac : Apple Home Assistance Geneva Lausanne

Be happy

Objective comfort and serenity

The Mac is a great tool for work and leisure once you have made the effort to tame it and understand its language and the way it presents things to you. If you do so, you will really enjoy it and you will surprise yourself, thanks to Aucoeurdumac Assistance Apple domicile Geneva Lausanne!

Apple Mac Home Assistance: Method and Benefits

Mac training just better

- 01. A professional diagnosis

When you get home, AUCOEURDUMACApple Home Assistance Geneva Lausanne, ensures that you have the following at your disposal backups of your data and applicationsas an incident is always possible during a response (and attention AUCOEURDUMAC will not be held responsible for it)

Then a complete assessment is carried out on each machine. Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad both in terms of the systems and applications installed and the interactions with other systems in the house: Apple TVbackup systems, HomePodetc...Questions are asked about the client's objectives and needs in order to fully understand his request.

Finally, a diagnosis is made in the most precise and clear way possible, and this in the customer's language, so that he can understand it and decide on the actions to be taken ... or not, depending on the machines, the customer's wishes and budget.

- 02. An adapted proposal

On the basis of the diagnosis carried out and the customer's responses, a proposal for action, immediate or subsequent, is proposed to the customer who decides whether or not to accept such or such actions, within the deadlines and budgets.

- 03. Quick implementation

Anything that can be corrected or improved quickly, including the correction of anomalies and bugs will be done immediately as part of the customer acceptance.

Then, depending on backup or processing requirements, which take time, a second session can be scheduled, either at home or via remote assistance.

Mac training simply better than the others !! and it's not me who says so ...

On-site recorded and personalized courses are simply better!

Good to know, during courses and training sessions, whatever the subject, everything can be recorded as videos on the MacThe course is delivered in 5-minute segments on a specific or sensitive topic, and on Mac, iPad or iPhone, whenever the client wants and as many times as necessary.

Take a look at some of our services: Simply better than anywhere else!


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just better

More than 30 years of experience on the Mac and the Apple world

Founder of Hautecoeur Dreams and its main activity AUCOEURDUMAC (Assistance Apple domicile Geneva Lausanne) in 2014, Jean-Michel is familiar with the Mac and Apple mode and has been practicing it assiduously since 1989. For more than 10 years, Jean-Michel has travelled and raced in the specialized forums of the Apple world and has acquired a sharp technical knowledge in this particular field, lived then as a passion and hobby. 

When he stopped his main professional activities as Business Analyst and Project Manager, it was quite naturally in 2014 that his passion became a complementary and full-time professional activity.

For the past 7 years, we have been driving around Switzerland in a Smart Fortwo all week and all year round, offering you high-quality remote training and repairs via Apple Messages, FaceTime, Skypeor other tele-assistance solution.

All this has great prices ! Don't hesitate a second, AUCOEURDUMAC is simply better ! and not only cheaper ...

Other services we are proud to offer

Creation of personalized websites

Hautecoeur Dreams, in addition to Apple Home Assistance Geneva Lausanne, also offers courses to create quality websites with WordPressThe company is the leading manufacturer of professional websites at the same price as Apple's home or remote assistance. AUCOEURDUMAC is able, on request, to realize complete sites, showcases or e-shop on any subject.

Tips for buying Apple hardware

The purchase of the right machine, the one that will really meet the customer's expectations in terms of performance as well as aesthetics and practicality, is an essential act because it commits the customer for often ten years. AUCOEURDUMAC, as part of the Apple Home Assistance Geneva Lausanne, is there to help you identify and buy your future jewelry, Mac, iPhone or iPad at the best price.

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